branditive | Position
+ Branditive is a brand consultancy specialized in the efficient and integrative management of corporate, product and service brands. Efficient brand management optimizes the success of branding within a company. Integrative brand management relies on carefully coordinated activities and the interaction of the organization, customers, business associates and markets.
+ Branditive helps companies define and differentiate themselves on the market with the help of branding techniques. In fast-changing markets the decisive factors for business success are products and services that set themselves apart and are coherently communicated, in combination with distribution channels and measures to promote customer loyalty.
+ Branditive regards the brand as a steering instrument that will continue to play an essential role in the future: If properly managed, the brand serves As as a communication platform, and a tool for influencing demand, enhancing customer loyalty and motivating employees.
+ Branditive views the brand as part of the company’s value-creation chain: Under efficient and integrative leadership, brands can contribute to the value of the company. Today’s most successful businesses see the brand as an instrument for adding value.